Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Silly Boy

Such a Boy
Riley is ALL boy.
He loves trucks, cars, blocks, balls and is so silly.

He loves putting on daddy's shoes.
One of his favorite things to do is drive his Razor car.
he is all over the place and goes super fast.

Check out that smile.

His other favorite thing to do is build towers with his blocks.

Here is a tower he and mommy built and he was so proud.
As soon as I took the picture he did his next favorite thing.

He knocked it down
Then said
"Build tower mommy"

He is such a fun little boy and I love playing with him.
He makes me smile and laugh


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The Two of US

The Two of US

Family Picture.

Family Picture.

The Parents to be

The Parents to be
we cant wait to meet our new member of the family.

Daisy and Duke

Daisy and Duke
Big sister and brother can't wait to meet the baby