Monday, December 28, 2009

Doctor follow up..ear infection

We went into the Dr.s today for a follow up from the ER. They said his lungs are better so they think the croup is improving. That was the good news,bad news is he has a horrible ear infection. Now he is on antibiotics and hopefully will be healthy soon. Poor little guy is still coughing and his voice is almost gone.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas with the Golbeck's

Later in the day on Christmas Riley was feeling a little better so we decided to head out to Bremerton to see the family and celebrate Christmas with them. Riley actually had a lot of fun and it was a good day.

Christmas Morning.... Santa came

After we got back from the hospital Riley took a long nap and when he woke up we brought him down stairs to see what Santa brought. Riley was excited but he was still not feeling good. He ended up opening some presents and then opened the rest later in the day. Poor guy, sucks to be sick on Christmas.

The Christmas tree, Look at all the presents Santa brought

The Stockings are full too.

Look at the big Stocking It is as big as Riley

The dogs got presents to. They love their big bones

Riri not feeling good. taking a break from presents and cuddling with mom
Opening presents with Daddy

Whats in the stocking

Look at all those presents.

Riley loves his Quad and helmet

wow... look at all those toys Riley

What... The ER on Christmas

Riley was sick on Christmas Eve with a fever and a cough. We were up most of the night with him and at about 4:45 am on Christmas morning we decided it was time to go to the hospital. Riley had a fever of 104.0 after an hour after Tylenol, was lethargic and was making weird noises when he has breathing and seemed to be having a hard time breathing. Dan and I were very scared and worried. We went to Goodsam Hospital because it was the closest. By the time we got there Riley was doing a little better. His temp had gone down a little and he was breathing better. We saw the doctor and found out the Riley has Croup. They gave him some oral steroid medication and sent us home. They told us that when we took him outside to the cold air that it opened up his airways and made him better. The steroids should help the inflammation and we are instructed to use a humidifier and Tylenol to keep the fevers down. Riley did not feel well most of the day and didn't want to do anything but sleep and cuddle. This is not how Christmas morning is supposed to go. Here is a picture of Riley in the ER coloring. All the staff were very nice and Riley got a book and an ornament.

16 months

Today is Christmas and Riley is 16 months old, He is getting bigger and smarter everyday. He weights 22lbs still but I think is getting taller (we have not measured him). He knows all his body parts and will point to them when you ask where something is. He can also tell you where other peoples parts are. His favorite is nose. He even can say the names of most the body parts. He is also started to become a copy cat. He copies almost anything you do or say. The cutest one is when he copies sneezing. He says "ahhh chew" it is very cute. He also will blow on his hot food weather it is hot or not. He loves puzzles and books and looking at his flash cards. He still loves balls and is becoming good at throwing them. His new words are Santa, Omi, ho-ho-ho,hat and Janet. His new animal sound is frog. He is a very busy boy and his brain is growing everyday. It amazes me everyday how smart he is. He is loving daycare and actually sometimes doesn't want to leave. I am so happy to have him is such a loving and safe environment while were away,

Thursday, December 24, 2009

X mas Eve.

Tonight is X mas eve and we are so excited for Santa to come. We had my mom and dad over for dinner and then went over to my Aunts for a while. Riley had a yummy X mas cup cake and got to open a few presents. We made it an early night because we have a big day ahead of us.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

This year I was a little scared about the Christmas tree and a one year old but Riley did great. He loved the tree and for the most part did not touch it. He would occasionally come up and say "nice" or "pretty" and then walk away. So the tree stayed in one piece all season.

Zoo Lights

We went to Zoo lights with our good friends Matt and Danielle and there 2 boys. We brought along my niece Quinn. It was cold and raining but we still had a good time. The Lights are so pretty and it is amazing how many there are and what they make out of the lights. Riley had a great time. He loved looking at the lights and the animals. We went into the aquarium to get warm and Riley's favorite thing was looking at all the fish.

Christmas #1 (Dad and Moms)

We always celebrate Christmas at my Dad and mom's the weekend before X mas. We all drove down to Montesano and had a great dinner made by mom and then opened presents. This year was really fun because the boys(Riley and Liam ) really got into the presents. We had a great time with all the family and a nice start to Christmas 2009.

Quinny and Riri

The Hensley Family

The Golbeck Family

Ross and Quinn

The Evans Family

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dr. Gandhi

Today we had a follow up appointment with the Urologist Dr. Gandhi. He told us that Riley's Ultrasound results were great. He said Riley's Kidney is the size of a 6 year olds, which is great because he only has the one. He said it is big and healthy. He also told us that Riley still has the ureterocele in his bladder. We are going to continue to watch this and as long as it is not causing any problems there is no need for surgery to fix it. We just have to be cautious and make sure Riley doesn't have any bladder infections and when he gets older that he doesn't have difficulty going to the bathroom. We were so happy about the results today. No more follow ups for 1 year. Yea....... =)


Riley loves Santa. He has gone to see him twice. Has sat on his lap, gave him high five and every time he sees Santa or someone says Santa, Riley says "ho.ho.ho" . It is so cute. Most kids his age are scared of Santa and most of the pictures turn out bad with the kid screaming. Not Riley, he loved it and we got the greatest pictures.

So Handsome...

Reading with Santa


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Festival of lights

Down in Montesano where my mom and dad live is a Winter tradition called Festival of Lights. It is a big parade full of lights. There are trucks, bikes, motorcycles, 4 wheelers, dogs, kids, marching bands, big trucks and more. We have been going to this for the last 5 years and we have a great time. Dan was not able to go this year because he was so sick. Riley had a great time. We bundled him up and he loved watching all the stuff go by. His favorite part was the big trucks and the fire truck with Santa on top. He waved and yelled "Santa, Santa, Santa" . After the parade we all went back to the house for a party. It was a great night.

The Two of US

The Two of US

Family Picture.

Family Picture.

The Parents to be

The Parents to be
we cant wait to meet our new member of the family.

Daisy and Duke

Daisy and Duke
Big sister and brother can't wait to meet the baby