Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby Shower

Dan's mom Connie flew in from Virgina and her and my mom Linda gave me a baby shower. Dan's sister Tina was also a big help. We had a small group of family over at my house. It was decorated so cute and I had alot of fun. The only down fall of the day is that is was 90 something degrees and I thought I was going to die. Everyone was hot but I think they had a good time. We played games, Quinn won the game for guessing how big my belly was. Good job Quinny. I want to thank everyone who came for all the nice gifts, It was so nice to see all of you. A huge thanks to Connie and My mom for all there hard work. I love you both very much.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

4D Pictures of our little boy.

Today we had our 4D ultrasound. Dan and I had most our family with us. Dad and Mom, Mom and Glen, Leslie, Austin and Liam were all there. We were all together in a big room with a big screen TV so everyone could watch. This was one of the coolest experiences I have ever done. You could see our little boy. He has chubby little checks, you could even see a dimple when he smiled. he was very active and he loves his hands and feet in his face, I think at one time he had all four limbs in his face. He was sucking his thumb and at one point even sucking his foot. He is so cute and we can't wait to meet him. After the ultrasound we all went out to dinner and Glen treated everyone, Thank you Glen..... We were so happy to have our family with us to share this special event. Thank you all for coming..... We posted a few pictures so we can share our cute little boy with the rest of you. hope you enjoy him as much as we do. I stare at his picture everyday and I have already watched the DVD about 3 times.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update on Baby Riley

So I had my 4 week follow up ultrasound today to see how Riley is growing and how the cyst is doing. I decided it would be ok for me to go by myself this time. Dan had a meeting in southcenter and I told mom she didn't have to miss work. The last ultrasound went well so I figured everything would be ok. Well that was a bad idea. Everything is fine I will explain in a minute, but the ultrasound techs freaked me out and I was in tears by the end. Well they kept asking me weird questions and were talking really quiet and had a concerning look on their faces. She even had to get another tech to come look, then they said we need the doctor now and then left the room. I was so scarred and didn't know what was wrong with my baby. Finally Dr. Dashow came to the rescue and explained everything to me. Dr. Dashow is the perinataolgist and is a very good and nice doctor. He explained to me that the septum in the bladder was still there and so was the cyst but it was so small that he could not even show me with his fingers. He said the echogenic bowel is still there but most likely is caused from the baby swallowing blood. The new concern was that Riley's left Kidney is not growing. They can see it but it is very small. His right kidney is the right size and working perfectly. They said they are going to continue to watch it , there is a possibility that it could still grow or it could stay small. The Doctor said that many people live long lives with one kidney. He also told me that Riley is doing great. He is in the 73% weighing 3lb 2 oz already (this kinda scares me how big is he going to be???, but I am glad he is growing). He also said my fluid levels were great. Dr. Dashow explained everything to me and made me feel so much better, When I left I was feeling ok, still a little scared but more confident that Riley will be ok. I will never go to another appointment alone. I have another ultrasound on July 23rd so I will keep all of you updated. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

OH NO possible diabetes

So I had my blood work done yesterday to see if I am gestational diabetic. My resutls came back today and were 1 point over normal. So now I have to do what is called a 3 hr glucose tolerance test to make sure I am not diabetic. Please keep your fingers crossed that this test will come back normal. I will keep you all updated.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Saying goodbye to Dr. O

Today was my last visit with Dr. Oglesby, He is moving to Idaho in a couple of weeks. Although I love my new Dr. I am sad to see Dr. O leave. He has been such a great doctor and has been very support during my stressful events in early pregnancy. He says he will be back in town off and on, so I will defiantly have to stop by and see him and When Riley comes I will have to take him so they can meet.

Thank you for everything Dr. Oglesby, we will miss you =(

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

For Fathers day Dan went on a bike ride with his dad and brother Bernie. They took a 5 hour drive down 101. They stopped for a nice lunch together and just had a great time out on the open road. Dan came home with a huge smile on his face. Then he opened his first fathers day card. He said next year Riley can go with them on the bike ride. NOT.........................

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Nusery

We finally finished Riley's nursery today. We had so much fun puting everything together. The whole room is done in Jungle. Riley is going to have so much fun in his room I hope he loves it as much as we do. I think I go in there everyday at least once. The room is complete all it needs is our little boy, only 13 weeks to go.......

Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby Shower # 1

I had my first baby shower. My work through a baby shower for me and 3 other girls. One who just had a baby, one is due in June and the other due in July. We had a lot of fun hanging out, eating lots of food and opening presents. I got a ton of cute clothes, books, bath stuff and a bumbo chair. Baby showers are so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Doctor.

So today I saw my new Doctor. so as of now I have 3, Dr. Olgesby, the perinatologist and my new doctor. Well my regular doctor delivers at Auburn hospital and is moving back to Utah, since I am high risk I need to deliver at TG, so I had to find a new Doctor. My new doctor is Dr. Kovanda and I absolutely love her. She is a great doctor and I have even seen her in action since I work at the birth center. The other cool thing is that she delivered my niece Sierra, my best friend Becky's baby, and my newest little nephew Liam. Hopefully she will be there to deliver Riley. You never know!!!!!!!!!!!! well I told her she would be a legend in our family. So back to the appointment, everything is looking great and Riley is growing like he should, no signs of preterm labor Thank god for that. I have gained 20lbs total which is not bad but shopping is not as fun anymore. oh well. I love being pregnant so it is worth it. I see Dr. Olgesby one more time at the end of the month. I am going to be sad saying goodbye and will miss him very much, He got me through one of the hardest parts of this pregnancy so far and I am very grateful for him. Well more to come................

Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby Liam

My little nephew entered the world today and I got to be there. Leslie had her little boy June 9, 2008 at 3:07am. Little Liam Austin Hensley is a healthy baby and him and mom are doing great, as well as dad and big brother Austin. I am so happy for them and love my little nephew to pieces. I can't wait for him to meet Riley they are going to be best buds.

Friday, June 6, 2008

26 weeks

I am now 26 weeks pregnant. Riley is getting bigger and bigger everyday and so is my belly. I can't believe how much he is moving. my whole belly moves and it is so fun to watch, sometimes he kicks so hard it hurts. Sometimes I think what the heck is he doing in there. And even though his favorite time to move is when I am ready to sleep I love every second of it. Dan can feel him alot better now and see him move which he loves. We wanted to post a new belly shot so here are two. Dan was taking forever taking the picture and my impatience shows in one of the photos. Dan said I had to post this picture so he could share with all of you the face he See's all the time. He is crazy I am always smiling. LOL. well you can also see that I have very beautiful flowers in my arms. Dan came home from work and surprised me with a dozen of pink roses and a very sweet card. I love him so much.

The Two of US

The Two of US

Family Picture.

Family Picture.

The Parents to be

The Parents to be
we cant wait to meet our new member of the family.

Daisy and Duke

Daisy and Duke
Big sister and brother can't wait to meet the baby