Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Elmo, Elmo ,Elmo

Sesame Street Live.

Riley and Liam LOVE elmo
so when we heard Elmo was coming to town we just knew we had to bring the boys.

We meet Shannan, Sydney and Tyler.
All the kids had a great time and loved seeing
Cookie Monster
and all the other charachters.
The show was great and a lot of fun.
Even the mommy's had a great time

By the time the show was over the kids were exhusted.

And so were the mommy's.

They all got Sesame street soccer balls.

We went home and all took a nap.

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The Two of US

The Two of US

Family Picture.

Family Picture.

The Parents to be

The Parents to be
we cant wait to meet our new member of the family.

Daisy and Duke

Daisy and Duke
Big sister and brother can't wait to meet the baby