Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well Child Check up- 18months

Riley had his 18 month Well child check up today.
He is growing....

22lbs and 32 in

He is now in the 10th percentile. =)

The Doctor said he is growing great and he is a healthy boy.

Riley loves the Doctor. I know weird but he does. He let the doctor do everything and he just sat there with a smile.

The Doctor says Riley is very smart and appears ADVANCED for his age.

I knew my little boy was smart, but it is nice to hear it from the professionals.

The visit went great, all except the three shots he had to get. Two in one leg and one in the other.

Riley just kept looking at the nurse and wondering what he was doing.
And then


Man I hate shots, but I know they are what is best.

He got cute band aids and although he shed some tears....

He still said bye bye to his nurse and even blew him a kiss.

What a good boy.

Riley's little legs.


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The Two of US

The Two of US

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Family Picture.

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The Parents to be
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